Susan LeDouxMay I welcome you to my website and ask you to stay awhile? You see, this place in cyberspace is not really about me, a Christian writer, any more than my writing is about me. Rather, it is all about the One for whom I write.  And so, this homepage is a portal to a small corner of the universal Christian church where relationship with the Triune God reigns over the practice of “religion” and where lives of faith are celebrated.  My part is to write about congregations, ministries and people who obeyed when God decided to make the highly improbable possible through them.

Believer or non-believer, seeker or cynic, you are welcome and sought by the heart of the God of the Universe who loves the unique being you are. In my blog, Road to Emmaus, you will meet some of the people who started the ministries that are featured here.  While Road to Emmaus may inspire you with stories of faith, it may also challenge you with ideas, questions and comments from web visitors about the church and how we Christians live out our faith (or not.) I am fascinated by church history, so you may find blogs that evoke visions of scriptoriums and bells announcing canonical hours. You never know where Road may lead!

Discover the ever changing fellowship events which may interest you in About Town. I hope you enjoy my articles as well as selected guest articles. Finally, join me in Blogs I Follow to meet talented authors, secular and Christian, I am blessed to call friends.