Being Fed

                I call my daughter –in-law the “medicine woman” and rightly so because she is a walking encyclopedia of the medicinal qualities of various herbs and plants. I’ve slathered her home-made arnica on body parts battered by my clumsiness and experienced less bruising and pain. First sneeze or cough and hello Echinacea. With great tact and patience (which is probably why I’m convinced I have the best daughter-in-law in the world) she is winning me over to the benefits of organic foods and health properties of herbs. 

                It’s not always easy to stay the organic course. It costs a bit more; but taking the long view, I think it costs less than doctors and pills to treat diseases related to consuming pesticides and genetically  modified organisms. And I admit I’m addicted to those additives put into certain foods to enhance the flavor and turn me into a crazed lab rat seeking even more of them.  Every time we get into food/herb/digestive discussions, I appreciate her knowledge base and deep respect for the way God made the body to work like a well oiled machine if we don’t mess with the food chain He provided.  I hang up the phone determined once again to stay the organic course, despite those unpronounceable chemicals that make fast food oh so tasty.

                That’s also why I sit in the pew on Sunday morning. I need God’s healing touch on my spirit and I treasure the strength and encouragement I receive from my fellow sinners as we try to stay on the course prepared for us by Jesus. It is far too easy to taste the world’s goodies that are addicting but do nothing for us in the long run. God’s way is the best way – it’s organic, basic and will bring life. It can feel like it costs more because sometimes we must say no to what we most desire and it may take a while to notice the benefits. Yet those benefits are assured because God, Who never lies, says so and there are millions of people who can attest to that.

                My daughter-in-law’s goal is to be able to work until she drops. My goal is to work until I drop and wake up at the feet of my true employer– the Jewish Carpenter who died on the Cross for me.

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