Joe’s Miracle

I was chatting with my friend, Mary Jo Colligan about her Angels of Mercy Ministry. We were discussing the Butterfly Boutique they recently opened to provide wardrobes for women facing difficult times and about her plans to eventually open a home to help women recover from abusive situations. She was describing the need to educate teens and pre-teens about how easily they could be lured into the net of human trafficking when she mentioned, almost in passing, her husband’s stroke.

“Wait! Back up. What happened to Joe?” I stopped taking notes and put my pen down.

“Oh Sue, it was a miracle. Our daughter Lacey was home with Joe. They were about to go out when he suddenly couldn’t talk and showed signs of having a stroke. If she weren’t there and hadn’t called me and talked with 911, he wouldn’t be here today.”

As tests later proved, Joe had indeed experienced a massive stroke. But it was what happened in the Emergency Room cubicle that determined his fate.

Mary Jo said, “When I arrived and saw my husband’s condition, I held his feet and prayed out loud, pleading the blood of Jesus.” She said when she looked up she saw a tall black man standing there who quietly told Joe, “You’re covered.”

He was a patient care technician who later returned to the cubicle after the doctors and nurses left. He pulled shut the curtain and said, “I was praying to God to send me someone here today that I could administer healing to.”

Mary Jo said she was flabbergasted when he proceeded to the bedside computer and brought up the Bible. “He was declaring healing scriptures over my husband. He went on and on. Later, he came back and said ‘I’ve got more!’”

By 12 o’clock. Joe had all his faculties back intact. After being admitted to the stroke floor, the MRI showed he had experienced a major stroke. The doctor told Joe, “I’m surprised you made it and don’t have severe limitations.”

Later, when he went to his own physician, he asked Joe if he was sure he was OK with no symptoms. No symptoms; Joe assured him he was fine. His physician replied, “Well, whoever your God is, you keep praying to him because I’ve never seen anybody come out of that type of stroke like this.”

“And my God is Jesus Christ!” a hale and hearty Joe announced during his church service weeks later when he shared his story with the congregation.

When I asked Mary Jo and Joe if I could share his miracle here on Road to Emmaus, their response was “Yes! Yeah!!!! God gets the glory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Can only say Amen to that!

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5 Responses to Joe’s Miracle

  1. Cathleen Donegan says:

    Love this story! Working in ICU for so long brings back similar memories. How can one be a nurse and not be spiritual?

  2. Elaine Mullaly says:

    I have an acquaintance who always invokes “the blood of Jesus”. I will never again be skeptical or offended by the use of this phrase!!!

  3. Elaine Mullaly says:


  4. susan says:

    Thank you for sharing, Elaine. I had never heard that expression of invoking the blood of Jesus either until Mary Jo said it, but as you realized, it is powerful.

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