I was just reading the Biblical account about Moses and Pharaoh wrangling over God’s command to release the Hebrew slaves. God told Moses he heard the cries of his people and by His “mighty hand” would drive them out of Egypt. (Exodus 6:22) So Moses took a leap of faith and with Aaron at his side informed Pharaoh of the wishes of the Hebrew’s God.

Then everything seemed to go wrong for the Hebrew people. Pharaoh decided they were too lazy and added gathering their own straw to their task of making the same amount of bricks each day, thus doubling their work load. They complained to Moses that he just made everything worse for them. When Pharaoh still refused to let Moses’ people go, plagues covered the land.

Occasionally when I’m convinced I’m following God’s will, I encounter roadblocks and some minor plagues. I feel like the Hebrews who asked Moses, after wandering in the desert, if he led them there because there weren’t enough graves in Egypt. I always smile at that touch of human sarcasm and can totally relate. When things go from bad to worse, it does make me wonder about God’s plan for me.  Should I back off? Change course? Did I have it right in the first place? Is it evil forces at work, like the Pharaoh’s sorcerers who could mimic a few of the plagues?

Sometimes it’s hard to know.  But I think I’ll plod ahead anyway. The Hebrews finally made it to the “land flowing with milk and honey” after all.


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