They say 11 a.m. on Sunday is the most segregated hour in America because we gather in our holy huddles, separated by denomination and color. Yet when I leave the borders of my own church to write articles about what other ministries or churches are doing, I see one Body, united in Christ, with members saying and doing pretty much the same thing. One way or another, in terms familiar and sometimes unfamiliar, the Gospel message goes forth, much like it did 2000 years ago.

Sometimes I think I’m a writer for the “Acts of the Apostles Part Two” because today’s Christ followers share the message of salvation through words and deeds just like the Apostles did after Pentecost. I encounter people of faith who follow a passion God put on their hearts and faithfully accomplish the impossible.  My motorcycle riding friend, Dennis, brought together 300 cyclists, many scary, fierce rivals, for a Cycles for Christ Thanksgiving dinner at our church.  Our Pastor said when he stood before these men to offer prayer, thinking any one of them could break him in half, he did not see bearded men in leather vests sporting gang regalia; instead he saw a room filled with children of God.

Last weekend I reported on an event sponsored by an organization that brings various churches and ministries together so that, by supporting each other, they magnify the results of their work to reduce the divisions poverty creates among black and white, urban and suburban people.

A local Christian college will be offering a symposium in a few months that will bring together representatives of our local Catholic, liberal Protestant, and evangelical seminaries.

Christ prayed for unity and when I see branches of His church working and praying together, I realize His prayer is answered daily. As church, we need to do more of this. We need to bring the love of Christ to a world desperate for it and show that His love does not mean loss of diversity. Rather, it means reaching out to all so they come to Christ and join His great Costume Ball.

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