Thought Police Knocking at the Door

“It’s wrong,” she whispered.

“Shhhh, do you want to lose your job?” her husband hissed, looking around to see if anyone was within earshot. “The Supreme Court said it’s the law of the land and if you don’t follow it, there will be consequences.”

“Follow it? I’m not planning on committing a crime. But, by heaven, I will tell my son cloning a child goes against God’s will. And there have been hundreds of ghastly malformations the state destroyed, then denied.”

He shook his head. “They say in the newspaper that the science is good and all the talk about malformations is created to confuse us. And be careful what you say. Someone may think you’re discriminating against the clonists.”




“There’s evidence by many reputable scientists showing that the technology just doesn’t work right, but it never gets past the editors of medical journals or media outlets. And when our Alma Mater offered a course challenging cloning science, it lost its accreditation and tax exempt status until they fired the ‘guilty’ professors and agreed to support the grand new world of human engineering,” she argued.

I wish this were the beginning of my new novel, but just change the subject being discussed, and it describes America, the land of the free (for now) in 2015. Recently, Supreme Court Justice Alito asked the United States Solicitor General if same-sex marriage became a constitutional right, could religious colleges or universities lose their tax-exempt status if they advocated for traditional marriage. The Solicitor General acknowledged that it could indeed become an issue.

It’s not like they are hiding anything. Follow the crumbs here. If religious colleges and universities lose their tax exempt status, they may continue as a for-profit entity, but now with a huge tax bill. Most Christian colleges today do not accept federal funds because they don’t want to be told what they can and cannot teach. But with a huge tax bill plus no federal funding, the cost of a college education at a religious institution will become prohibitive. Let’s say we Christians bite the bullet and cough up the money anyway. Still, the college is a non-religious institution and falls under federal law and still cannot present any arguments against same-sex marriage because it would be “discriminatory.”

This strangles freedom of speech in America, no matter what it is you want to speak out about. Today it’s my issue. Tomorrow it will be yours. This is a template for the government to control what we think and believe, whether it is to the left, right, or centered in absurdity.

Hillary Clinton said this at the Women in the World Summit about people who have religious convictions on social issues:

“Deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

I wonder what deep-seated codes she is thinking of. The Constitutional Bill of Rights? The Ten Commandments? She already has difficulty with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. And ditching “thou shallt not kill” would suit her stand on the right to abortion.

If you think this is not a threat to American freedom because you believe in same sex marriage, consider this power in the hands of both Republicans and Democrats. America changes administrations every four or eight years, and the pendulum swings from Democrat to Republican and back again. In the future, this template will work for the goose as well as the gander, no matter what the issue.

But, hey, maybe by then we will have lost the right to vote too.

Hillary’s statement is toward the end of this clip.


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